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Welcome to Sweet Fix Candy & Pop Shop

The Midwest's Largest Selection Of Candy & Pop!



250+ Different glass bottled pops to choose from

So many flavors

Root Beer

Cream Soda


Birch Beer


Ginger Beer / Ale


Blue Raspberry / Blueberry / Huckleberry

Lemon Lime



Cherry / Black Cherry

A Lot More


Don't take candy from a stranger. Get it from us!

The Midwest's Largest Selection

We have over 600 types of candy!

Come see them all in our store.


We would list them all but then there wouldn't be room for these

awesome Astropop Rockets to fly around.

Scroll Down To See Them Fly!



have an exceptionally great day!

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Sweet Fix Candy & Pop Shop

2207 South Mentzer Street, Suite 100

Mitchell, SD 57301


Call us: 605-990-3883


Email: Justin@Sweetfixcandy.com